Better access to affordable health care starts here!

We all desire is better healthcare. However we can not achieve it by doing things the same old way.

The Medical Access network has been designed from the ground up to provide direct primary care for everyone in the country. The Medical Access idea combines complete personal health care with a local primary care physician.American-Bald-Eagle2

The model for Medical Access is simple and straight-forward.  Every medical community will form a community medical group to operate their own fair efficient system.  The national Medical Access network will allow these groups to be up and running in a matter of weeks. The system can quickly serve uncovered patients by matching them with their preferred primary physicians.

Everything starts with knocking down obstructions that make no sense.

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What we offer

  • Timely Appointments. See us same-day or next company day.
  • No waiting. You made the examination to see a physician, not the waiting room.
  • 24/7 medical professional gain access to by phone. Due to the fact that you don’t require the drama of an ER visit if you can avoid it.
  • See us, or don’t. Talk with your doc by email, phone, or video talk.
  • A team working for you.Your individual physician and Wellness Coach team up to help you reach your objectives.

Health care that does things for you, not simply to you.



What is Direct Primary Care?


Revolutionary. Innovative.



Less paperwork. More time to focus on your practice.

If you are a physician seeking better reimbursement and wish to improve your practice’s cash flow, please visit our For Physicians page,  Email Us , or use the form on the right to learn more. If you are seeking complete access to affordable  healthcare and would like to sign up, please click Here